Tapered Plugs

WORS, Inc. can provide any number of tapered plugs for all types of air coolers and radiators. We produce custom sized tapered plugs, but also maintain a well-stocked inventory of standard sizes that decrease project lead time. Tapered plugs are generally used to isolate individual tubes in an exchanger that is leaking. Brass is normally used in noncorrosive applications, while steel is generally reserved for use in plant exchangers. Our longer plugs are well-suited for the box headers on air cooled heat exchangers. For more information contact Jason Tison at Jason@worsinc.com or 903-736-2226. Contact us today for a quote!


  • Stock ¾” OD X 2-3/8” Steel
  • Stock 5/8” OD X 5-14” Steel
  • Stock ½” OD X 4-1/4” Brass
  • Stock 5/8” OD X 5-1/4” Brass
  • Stock ¾” OD X 5-1/4” Brass
  • Stock 1” OD X 5-1/4” Brass
  • Custom Orders
  • Same-Day shipping available on stock sizes