White Oak Radiator Service offers a comprehensive suite of services that positions the company as a leader in a diverse, ever-evolving industry. The company’s skilled professionals are committed to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, and White Oak Radiator Service has the resources necessary to meet any customer specifications. The team prides itself on its honesty and ability to identify the most cost-effective solutions that will benefit customers most. White Oak Radiator Service’s team possesses the technological expertise and practical experience necessary to rebuild, recondition, or replace all types of Aftercooler equipment, including those for compressors, automotive, and diesel engines. Interestingly, an aftercooler falls under the heat exchanger equi, utilizing ambient air to condense moisture from the designed equipment. It is reassuring that White Oak Radiator Service assists all brands and models, making them a reliable partner for any business seeking solutions for their Aftercooler equipment needs.


  • Compressor
  • Automotive
  • Diesel Engine 

Our experience provides cost effective repairs, major conversions and routine maintenance on any aftercooler.


Competitive prices

Over the phone customer service

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Same-day shipment

Faster turnaround 

All products have been tested ceritied to pass inspection

All products are overhauled by experience technicians

All products are repaired to meet original factory specification

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