We offer an exchange program to keep up with the supply and demand for our customers. We know to succeed at being our customers’ 1st choice, White Oak Radiator Service must keep our customers down time to a minimum. With our 24-service, as well as our online support, our products can meet the demand. Our division has a complete selection of Exhaust Manifolds in stock, ready for your emergency.  For our outstanding record in turnaround time, products can be shipped the same or next day delivery. 

Start the exchange process by placing your order with one of our professionals on staff. Next, your exchange will be shipped out to you by the carrier of your choice.  Once we have received your exchange, the damage will be assisted by our technical tech. Our inside sales team will go over if there are any additional repair charges. If an exchange is not shipped within 14 business days, a full charge will be charged to your account.White Oak Radiator Service is proud to offer an exchange program designed to meet the needs of our customers and keep up with the supply and demand of our products. Our primary goal is to reduce downtime for our customers and maintain our position as their first choice for radiator services. 


Our exchange program is backed by our commitment to providing round-the-clock service and expert online support, ensuring that our products can meet the demands of any situation. We maintain a comprehensive inventory of Exhaust Manifolds, which are available for immediate dispatch in case of emergencies. 


To initiate the exchange process, customers can place an order with our professional staff, who will guide them through the process. Once the exchange is shipped, we rely on the carrier of your choice to ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and promptly. Upon receiving the exchange, our technical team will assess it for any damage, while our inside sales team will review any additional repair charges with the customer. 


It is important to note that if an exchange is not shipped within 14 business days, a full charge will be applied to the customer’s account. We pride ourselves on our exceptional turnaround time, with products being shipped out for same or next-day delivery. 


At White Oak Radiator Service, we are committed to delivering the highest standards of service and quality to our customers. Thank you for considering our exchange program, and we look forward to serving you.

Program Benefits

  • Competitive prices
  • Same-day shipment
  • Faster turnaround 
  • All products have been tested certified to pass inspection 
  • All products are overhauled by experienced technicians 
  • All products are rebuilt to meet or exceed original factory specifications 

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