The impact of exhaust manifold pressure endures from a compressor engine can cause sever damage. Pressure inside a manifold is one of the most important engine system design parameters. A thorough understanding of the impact of this parameter is exactly what White Oak Radiator’s expertise. Exhaust manifold pressure is governed mainly by engine exhaust flow rate, turbine area, and exhaust manifold volume. 

The corrosion of the engine exhaust components is our customers concerns for their down time. Exhaust corrosion can occur internally or exterior. While both are important, we will do a thorough inspection our years of experience White Oak Radiator can keep our customers up and running with very little down time. With our technical technicians we can thoroughly tear down a manifold, repair, clean and test. 

Program Benefits:

  •  Competitive prices
  • All products certified to pass inspection
  • All products are repaired to meet or exceed the original factory specifications
  • Experienced technicians overhaul all products
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