Vessel Heat Exchanger Repair

WORS, Inc. is highly experienced in repairing pressure vessels and any associated nozzles, shell and head defects, and internal or external attachments. All repairs are done in accordance with NBIC standards and methods. We provide all necessary documentation for "R" stamps, including sketches and MTRs. Repairs can be made either at our facility or in the field, at the customer's choosing. Our experience gives us the capability to provide cost-effective repairs, major conversions and routine maintenance on any vessel or heat exchanger. For more information contact Chris Hughes at 903-759-6421.

Service Provided

Certified Welding | Certification of Hydrostatic Tests | Chart Recording | Dye Penetrant Testing | Sandblasting and Painting | Thickness Readings | Pressure Washing | Vat


Material on Hand

Carbon Steel Pipe  SA-106B/SA106-C | Fittings  SA105/SA-234-WPB | Flanges  SA105/SA105N


NBIC | Certification of Authorization  “R” Stamp | ASME Section VIII Division I | Quality Control Manager on Staff